"Nobody should blame the users of 2015 for blocking abusive, intrusive, misleading, and privacy-stealing ads and trackers."

Surge in ad-blocking software


Wed, Aug 12th, 2015 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

With ad-blocking software usage growing to an estimated $22 billion in loss for advertisers, Marco Arment looks at the ethics behind the implied-contract users are expected to have with advertisers, despite the abusive practices by the industry.

Publishers don’t have an easy job trying to stay in business today, but that simply doesn’t justify the rampant abuse, privacy invasion, sleaziness, and creepiness that many of them are forcing upon their readers, regardless of whether the publishers feel they had much choice in the matter.

Modern web ads and trackers are far over the line for many people today, and they’ve finally crossed the line for me, too. Just as when pop-ups crossed the line fifteen years ago, technical countermeasures are warranted.

Web publishers and advertisers cannot be trusted with the amount of access that today’s browsers give them by default, and people are not obligated to permit their web browsers to load all resources or execute all code that they’re given.



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