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Predictive policing the next phase of American policing


Wed, Aug 5th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Shadowproof, American police forces are using data-driven algorithms to predict and prevent violent crimes. Some are concerned that this method may cause innocent people to be jailed, guilty solely of association on social media.

In January, Josmar Trujillo, a writer and activist who has organized with New Yorkers Against Bratton, wrote, "Last year in HArlem, the city's largest-ever gang raid resulted in 103 indictments stemming from two murders. The raid was buoyed by Operation Crew Cut, the NYPD program where social media interactions play a significant role in determining guilt and bulding cases oftentimes by mere association."

He described how NYPD detectives and intelligence analysts monitored "dozens of public housing residents for years, including the collection of more than a million Facebook posts, leading up to the military-style raid." With help from the NYPD, District Attorney Cyrus Vance created "complex conspiracy charges" that saw dozens of young men facing sentences of up to 15 years for crimes that, in most cases, they had yet to commit.

Above, The New York Times explores data mining in the modern city.



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