Slip-On Alkaline Battery Life Extender



Wed, Jun 3rd, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

MacWorld brings to attention the Batteriser, a small, reusable device that extends the life of disposable batteries by "800 percent." Interesting to read about the theft of the technology from its developers. Here is an explanation of how it works.

A completely new alkaline battery is rated to generate 1.5 volts, but once its output drops below 1.35 or even 1.4 volts, it effectively becomes useless to many devices. The battery’s chemical cocktail is still loaded with juice, but the circuitry in many gadgets (especially more sophisticated ones, like Bluetooth keyboards and bathroom scales) considers the battery dead.

This is where Batteriser comes in. It’s essentially a voltage booster that sucks every last drop of useable energy from ostensibly spent batteries. So, instead of using just 20 percent of all the power hidden inside of your Duracells and Energizers, Batteriser makes effective use of the remaining 80 percent.



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