"Devices will be implanted for many diseases that today are treated by drugs."

-- Gaia Vince, Mosaic Science


Thu, Jun 4th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Using an implanted electrical device to boost the signals of the Vagus Nerve — a cranial nerve that brings information from the body to the brain — a person's health can be drastically improved as it restores the body's natural balance.

“We have shown very clear trends with stimulation of three minutes a day,” Tak says. “When we discontinued stimulation, you could see disease came back again and levels of TNF in the blood went up. We restarted stimulation, and it normalised again.”

Tak suspects that patients will continue to need vagal nerve stimulation for life. But unlike the drugs, which work by preventing production of immune cells and proteins such as TNF, vagal nerve stimulation seems to restore the body’s natural balance. It reduces the over-production of TNF that causes chronic inflammation but does not affect healthy immune function, so the body can respond normally to infection.



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