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Mon, Aug 4th, 1997 01:00 by capnasty NEWS

From: Brianne Date sent: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 01:42:52 -0400 (EDT)To: CoN Editorial Subject: Face Off

I liked your review of the movie because I completely agree with you. I think the film SUCKED. We left the theatre laughing.

But, Cage's character's name is not Chester. It is Castor. I don’t really know why I am compelled to point this out to you.

I like your e-zine, though. It think it's pretty great.


--[Editor's response]--

Dear Brianne,

I thought Face Off was pretty terrible myself, but I keep on hearing people around me that it was great. It depends what you compare it with I guess. "The Island of Dr. Mureau" is bad, and "Face Off" is quite an amazing movie if compared to that. However if you really need to set a standard for what a bad movie is, I suggest renting out "Can't stop the music". If you love the village people, you find that Bruce Jenner has a sex appeal, all whipped together with bad disco music, you'll love this movie. Suddenly "Face Off" will win an Oscar. =)

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Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 12:55:58 -0400From: [email protected] To: Leo N. Subject: Re: Capital of Nasty Errata Corrige II.29a

Please cancel!!! Do not send to me by e-mail or any other way!!!I never subscribed to your alleged newsletter, or whatever you call that waste of time, energy and cyberspace. Therefore since I haven’t subscribed, you should not be sending it out to me. DELETE MY E-MAILADDRESS FROM YOUR MAILING LIST.

--[Editor's response]--

Dear Lynwood,

ahhh, I just love getting these type of e-mails. Net-morons are the best, because they are dumb enough not to know how to use a computer, yet have managed through some error in the evolutionary chain(and some dysfunctional gene) to evolve to a point where they know how to type on the keyboard. They also seem to find a certain degree of fascination for that upside down 'i' they use at the end of every sentence (although sentences are a little longer then the above example and better expressed).

What's an e-mailor? E-mailor Moon? Must be some sort of new Japanimation E-Cartoon I wasn't aware of. Please, tell me more!

Listen up, primate: when you subscribed you got a file which clearly listed the information on how to unsubscribe. Read it and develop a culture. It's not that hard. So re-read carefully that file and you'll be glad you did.

Have a totally bitchin' day, I hope they feed you well at the zoo.


p.s. Don't throw turd at the tourists.



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