"A cop from the '80s who goes back in time to kill Hitler."

The story behind "Kung Fury"


Thu, May 7th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

FastCoCreate looks at David Sandberg, the director behind the cheesy 80s-style time-travelling kung-fu yielding cop movie Kung Fury. After posting the trailer on Kickstarter, Sandberg went from having to sell his possessions in order to eat and pay rent, to having his short movie competing at Cannes. Above, David Hasselhoff's Kung Fury music video. The movie will be released online on May 28th. Can't wait.

"There were so many pledges. You could buy a T-shirt for $20, there were different levels. One of the pledges was that you could become an extra in Kung Fury. The most expensive pledge was that you could get an actual role in the movie. So we had like 40 people from all over the world come to Umea, where I was living—it’s a very small town in the northern part of Sweden, about as far north as you can go. They stayed in my grandma’s garage. They were extras. Then there was a guy from Texas, Steven Chew, who pledged $10,000 to have a role in the movie. He played Kung Fury’s partner. He was alright (as an actor). The script is very cheesy in its dialogue, it doesn’t require good actors.

"Some of the people stayed for a day, some for two weeks, some are still there. One guy stayed for three months. He stayed at my mom’s place. They loved it. It was very friendly, like a big family."



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