Autonomous Multi-Robot System for Dangerous Vehicle Removal

The Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool (AVERT)


Fri, May 1st, 2015 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool (AVERT) is a series of robots that, working in unison, are capable of gently moving a suspect vehicle away so that it can safely be disposed.

In Europe, terrorism threatens horrific loss of life, extensive disruption to city transport and damage to commercial real estate. Vehicles provide an ideal delivery mechanism for improvised explosive devices because they can be meticulously prepared well in advance of deployment and then brought into the Area of Operations. Furthermore, a real and present danger also comes from the threat of Chemical, Radiological, Biological and Nuclear contamination. Current methods of bomb disruption and neutralisation are hindered in the event that the device is shielded, blocked or for whatever reason cannot be accessed for examination.

AVERT can provide an autonomous capability to remove blocking vehicles which is not currently available. Remote operation, self-powered and onboard sensors provides a new capability that can operate alongside existing technologies, thereby enhancing bomb disposal response, speed and safety.



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