Hacking Android Using Body Implants


Thu, Apr 30th, 2015 11:53 by capnasty NEWS

Showing off the potential for hacking tools concealed in the body, APA Wireless engineer Seth Wahle installed an NFC chip in his hand that allows him to exploit Android phones. While there are some limitations that still need to be overcome, including programming the NFC and getting around body modification laws, this may open a whole new chapter in the future of hacking.

For those who can bear the pain, biohacking, where computing devices are injected under the skin, provides a novel way to acquire real stealth to sneak through both physical and digital scans. That’s why US navy petty officer Seth Wahle, now an engineer at APA Wireless, implanted a chip in his hand, in between the thumb and the finger – the purlicue apparently – of his left hand. It has an NFC (Near Field Communications) antenna that pings Android phones, asking them to open a link. Once the user agrees to open that link and install a malicious file, their phone connects to a remote computer, the owner of which can carry out further exploits on that mobile device. Put simply, that Android device is compromised. In a demo for FORBES, Wahle used the Metasploit penetration testing software on his laptop to force an Android device to take a picture of his cheery visage.



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