Personality Insights Using Watson-Powered Linguistic Analytics

What a computer thinks of you based on how and what you write


Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Showing off the API that allows it to "derive insights from social media," IBM's Watson is capable of providing a "spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics" by analysing simply how and what we write. Demo here and full documentation here.

The Personality Insights service uses linguistic analytics to infer individuals' intrinsic personality characteristics from communications that they make available via media such as email, text messages, tweets, forum posts, and more. As a core service of the IBM Watson platform, the Personality Insights service helps businesses understand their customers at a deeper level. It can automatically infer, from potentially noisy social media, portraits of individuals that reflect their personality characteristics. The service offers a set of core analytics for discovering actionable insights about people and entities, which businesses can use to guide highly personalized engagements and interactions to better tailor their products, services, campaigns, and other communications for their audience.



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