Believable Social Proof You Are Not an Unlovable Loser

Invisible Boyfriend


Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Invisible Boyfriend (and girlfriend), allows you to create a custom partner that you can text and share photos with. The service is intended to provide that "believable social proof" that you're settling down and are not "an unlovable loser."

My invisible boyfriend, Homann explains, is actually boyfriends, plural: The service's texting operation is powered by CrowdSource, a St. Louis-based tech company that manages 200,000 remote, microtask-focused workers. When I send a text to the Ryan number saved in my phone, the message routes through Invisible Boyfriend, where it's anonymized and assigned to some Amazon Turk or Fivrr freelancer. He (or she) gets a couple of cents to respond. He never sees my name or number, and he can't really have anything like an actual conversation with me.

"That rapport you feel with Ryan may actually be six or seven Ryans," Homann explains.

This is nothing new.



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