"I have learned that being an adult is actually hard."

KidZania, theme park where children role-play being adults


Sat, Jan 17th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In Mexico City's Santa Fe district, the KidZania's theme park allows children to pretend-play they're adults. The park provides a miniature city, complete with recognizable brands, where kids can work adult-like jobs, earning and spending the theme park's money, with the ultimate goal of teaching them independence.

Whereas Disney’s Magic Kingdom parks promise fantasy and wish fulfillment, KidZania is a proudly mundane municipality: children can work on a car assembly line, or move furniture, or put out a fake fire with real water. KidZania has its own currency, kidzos, which can be used in branches around the world, or deposited in the central bank and accessed with a realistic-looking debit card. Children receive a check for fifty kidzos upon arriving at KidZania, and can supplement that with the “salary” they earn for participating in an activity. The most popular of them, like training to be a pilot on a simplified flight simulator, are not as remunerative as the less popular, like being a dentist. (You peer inside a dummy’s mouth.) Children can spend their kidzos on renting a car—small electric vehicles moving around a go-kart track that is sponsored by companies like Mercedes-Benz or Renault—or at the mini city’s department store, which bears the name of a regional chain and is stocked with covetable trinkets.



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