Working for Radio Shack Sucked

And yes, MacGyver is an awesome show.


Thu, Nov 27th, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

On SB Nation, Jon Bois reminisces about working for Radio Shack, an experience that sounds like pure Hell. As a company, Radio Shack, explains Jon, is like a relic of the past trying to delay its inevitable demise. The article, full of memorable moments, is a reminder that working retail sucks.

[...] Many are great, massively over-qualified people who RadioShack never deserved for a second.

Some were, uh, not. For a few months, I worked with this guy I'll call Craig. He was a guy in his fifties who had been making lots of money growing pot out in the country until the feds busted him and took it all, and he mostly preferred to stand around and crack jokes about TV shows I'd never seen. Every day, halfway through his shift, he'd happily announce that he was going to go "take [his] medicine," and then sit in his car and get extraordinarily stoned and become Stoned Craig.

Stoned Craig would turn the volume all the way up on the Casio keyboards and just bang away at the keys. He didn't play music, it was just a bunch of BLONK BLONK BLONK BLONK, but he was having the sort of good time you and I might not be able to understand.



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