A Brief History of the German Magnetic Mine

And a tank movie called 'The Beast'


Fri, Nov 28th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

On War is Boring, James Simpson gives us a brief history of Germany's magnetic mines and what the British had to do in order to defeat them.

It’s an inventive way to sink ships. Steel warships create an invisible magnetic signature as they sail. Magnetic mines detonate when they detect this signature, even when they’re moored tens of meters underwater.

The results were catastrophic.

There's some great articles on this site and if you have a moment, you should read the review of The Beast, an unlikely movie you'd think would be good. Above, the poster from the film's wikipedia page.

The setup is deceptively simple. A Russian tank crew slaughters a Pashtun village. Then the tankers get lost on the way back to Kandahar. The surviving villagers hunt the tank, determined to destroy the monster that destroyed them. The Soviets—led by the mad commander Daskal—must fight their way out of a valley as their supplies dwindle.



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