"If you've never heard of 510 Systems, that's exactly the way Google wants it."

Google's self-driving car wasn't made by Google


Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to IEEE Spectrum, while the self-driving car would appear to be one of "Google's signature innovations," the technology behind it was actually developed by another company that was "quietly bought in 2011" by the search giant.

[...] one of Google’s most strategic acquisitions has mysteriously been actively blocked from public view. An investigation by IEEE Spectrum has uncovered the surprising fact that Google’s innovative self-driving car and the revolutionary Street View camera technology that preceded it were largely built by 510 Systems, a tiny start-up in Berkeley, Calif.

If you’ve never heard of 510 Systems, that’s exactly the way Google wants it. The purchase of 510 Systems and its sister company, Anthony’s Robots, in the fall of 2011 was never publicly announced. In fact, Google went so far as to insist that some 510 employees sign agreements not to discuss that the acquisition had even occurred. Google’s official history of its self-driving car project does not mention the firm at all. [...]



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