Small, Elegant Clip to Hold Your Headphones On

The Sound Stripp


Wed, Nov 5th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Although it seems that the desk in the commercial is going to need a lot more than just the Sound Stripp to retain a sense of order and purpose, the idea is pretty cool: a small strip, complete with cork accents, that neatly and invisibly sticks to the back of your monitor, providing a beautiful place to hang your headphones.

The Sound Stripp is designed to help free up some much needed desktop real estate by allowing you to hang your headphones off of your monitor.

A simple and unobtrusive design. The Sound Stripp will work with nearly all desktop iMacs and PC computers.

Adheres firmly to a clean flat surface and will not leave a mark when removed. Holds up to 1lb. (that's close to 95% of all consumer headphone styles available).

Not re-positionable.



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