Google's Modular Smartphone

Project Ara


Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Project Ara is a new smartphone concept by Google. Instead of buying a new phone every year, users should be able to only upgrade the components that matter the most to them. So if a faster processor or a better camera becomes available, the user can simply swap out those parts, while retaining the rest.

“The plug and play model has been solved in other platforms, just not in mobile,” says Eremenko. And then he points out all kinds of other examples that use a uniform data or power bus across the device that lets people add in parts. You can buy any number of different peripherals that plug into your computer’s USB port and will work just fine. Modern cars run on vehicle bus protocols that make sure all the electronics can talk to each other. Even aircraft. But modern phones are different. Just about everything other than the battery and the SIM tends to be hard-wired into the device. “Mobile phones are just about the only thing that doesn’t have a bus,” he argues. “That’s a historical outlier we’re trying to fix.”



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