Americans Take Note on What Grown-Up News Look Like

"Led by veteran anchor Peter Mansbridge, the rolling coverage was smart, careful, and absolutely un-American."


Fri, Oct 24th, 2014 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

MediaBistro's Mark Joyella looks at how CBC News' veteran anchor Peter Mansbridge covered the news of the Ottawa shooting and argues that to "the nervous system of an American observer of TV news," CBC's coverage was "well, very Canadian."

On screen, CBC News kept a ticker scrolling, a “Breaking News” bug in the corner, a “LIVE” bug at the top right, and three boxes showing video and live pictures. Mansbridge rarely appeared on camera, even as he took pains to ensure information was correct before reporting anything–particularly the news a soldier shot at Ottawa’s War Memorial had died of his injuries.

As I watched via the network’s live stream in New York, I never heard a second of dramatic music, never saw a full-screen wipe with a catchy graphic like TERROR ON PARLIAMENT HILL, and never, ever heard Mansbridge or any of the CBC’s reporters dip even a toe into the waters of self-promotion.

James West from Mother Jones has a similar opinion, going as far as saying that Canada's coverage puts "American cable news to shame":

The broadcast was deliberative and deferential to the facts even when they were sparse. Exacting and painstaking, but never slow or boring, Mansbridge weighed the credibility of every detail, constantly framing and reframing what we knew and, most crucially, how we knew it. He literally spoke the news as it happened, using his experience not to opine nor fill the gaps in his knowledge, but to provide the necessary support for his team's reporting.

Also, a great read about Kevin Vickers, Canada's sergeant at arms, who "is being heralded worldwide as a national hero after he reportedly shot and killed an armed assailant in the nation's Parliament building."



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