Cell Transplant Allows Paralysed Man to Walk Again


Tue, Oct 21st, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Paralysed from the chest down after a knife attack, Mr. Darek Fidyka can now walk again, using a frame, after cells from his nasal cavity were transplanted in his spine. These cells, which are "being continually damaged and must be replaced," were used to re-establish the nerve circuitry in the damaged area of the spinal cord.

Mr Fidyka first noticed that the treatment had been successful after about three months, when his left thigh began putting on muscle.

Six months after surgery, Mr Fidyka was able to take his first tentative steps along parallel bars, using leg braces and the support of a physiotherapist.

Two years after the treatment, he can now walk outside the rehabilitation centre using a frame.



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