How Animals Get High


Tue, Oct 7th, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Animal New York notes that it isn't just humans that enjoy drugs: animals like getting stoned, too. And while animals may not be able to roll a good one, they can still use catnip, lick frogs or — if you're an elephant — steal some beer before going into a village-destroying rampage.

Once cats notice catnip, they rush over to the stuff. They begin pawing at it, chewing, licking, and generally rolling around like a happy cat. Cats have scent glands on sides of their heads and their paws. So by rubbing it and rolling around, they are claiming that pile of catnip for themselves while also showing affection.

Afterwards, you’ll see classic symptoms of being high as fuck including laying around, drooling, sleeping, jumping around excitedly, growling, purring, biting, and meowing at unseen objects. This isn’t limited to the housecat — big cats like tigers, ocelots, panthers, also love the stuff.



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