Pay Your Rent With Debit or Credit Using Your Smartphone

Real Estate Startup RadPad


Fri, Sep 26th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The RadPad app allows tenants to search for housing and pay their rent using either debit or credit. For landlords, it provides a place to showcase their spaces, verifiy they're legit and easily arrange viewings without endless phone calls.

According to founder and Chief Executive Jonathan Eppers, the RadPad app is a mobile rentals marketplace. It gives apartment seekers a way to find available units in neighborhoods that they like on a map, review photos of those apartments within the app, then arrange a time to see them more quickly than they could using traditional brokers, rental marketplaces or listings sites.

RadPad also gives property owners and managers a way to easily create geotagged listings for a high volume of properties. The startup conducts basic background checks and shows listings from “verified” property managers so that prospective tenants won’t worry whether they, or their listings, are scams–a concern on open marketplaces like, for example.



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