Vasillis Paleokostas, the Greek Robin Hood


Thu, Sep 25th, 2014 15:09 by capnasty NEWS

Vasillis Paleokostas, the uncatchable Greek Robin Hood, steals from the rich and generously gives to the poor. He's escaped twice from prison using an helicopter. Stole a tank to break out his brother. The police can never move fast enough to catch him. And, much like Robin Hood, he is regarded as a "socially accepted bandit and a hero."

The Greek police responded by placing an incredible bounty of 250 million drachmas on Paleokostas's head, calling the kidnappers “ruthless professionals, practising organised crime on a scale unprecedented in our country”.

But he reportedly maintained his Robin Hood routine, distributing some of the ransom among local farmers and the homeless. “He gave 100,000 drachmas to some orphan girls who needed to marry,” his father says.

In Greek villages in those days a woman couldn't get married without a dowry, and in some villages that remains true today. But, as usual, Paleokostas was handing out more cash than necessary, if his father’s claim is correct - 100,000 drachmas was a huge amount.



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