How to Buy a Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle from Belarus

Don't forget to tell the KGB two weeks in advance that you're coming


Fri, Sep 19th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you've ever wanted your very own Russian-made BRDM-2, ntv explains the steps involved in purchasing one in Belarus and bringing it home. And it works, too.

A little more about the thing itself. BRDM-2 is a Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle. It weighs 7 tonnes, has a 5.5 liter engine and 140 horsepowers. It consumes 40 liters of 92 octane gasoline every 100 kilometers. It's an amphibious vehicle, which has a winch and a water cannon. Goes through any terrain, absolutely any.

And the main thing. Right now I'm in the active process of polishing it up, getting my license and documents. This will take some time, but after it's all done, I will start the gnarliest road trip livejournal has ever seen. This won't be a chilled-out ride on rented four-wheelers with underseat heating and night stops in Hiltons, but a real off-road expedition through mud, lakes, rivers and forests.

You or your company can easily sponsor our expedition. The logo of each sponsor will be applied onto the armor of this beast, and we'll give each and every sponsor a special mention in every update we do. Right now I'm looking for technical sponsors, which can consist of:
1) A warm auto workshop in Moscow
2) Paint and finishing works
3) Armored windows and their installation
4) Laser cutting, welding, metalwork
5) Interior work



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