'Agora' Replaces the 'Silk Road'


Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

After the demise of the famous Silk Road, the Tor-only site Agora has now become the leading place for purchasing illegal substances — among other things. The site currently sports well over 16,137 products for sale.

[...] only a few subtle differences separate Agora from other sites in the burgeoning online drug-buying underground. Like dozens of other markets on the dark web, it protects both users and its own administrators using Tor. But unlike Silk Road, it allows users to sell several categories of weapons, including powerful semi-automatic firearms. The site is still less permissive, however, than markets such as Evolution, which also allows the sale of hacked credit card information and other stolen goods. Agora’s “market rules” ban not only stolen property but also “assassinations or any other services which constitute doing harm to another,” “weapons of mass destruction,” “poisons,” “child pornography” and “live action snuff/hurt/murder audio/video/images.”



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