Google's Drone Delivery Service

Project Wing from Google X


Fri, Aug 29th, 2014 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Atlantic reports that Google has spent the last two years developing drones which "can deliver products across a city in a minute or two." From the style of the delivery, described below, it seems like "Google is getting serious about sending packages flying through the air on tiny drones."

A man named Neil Parfitt is standing in a field on a cattle ranch outside Warwick, Australia. A white vehicle appears above the trees, a tiny plane a bit bigger than a seagull. It glides towards Parfitt, pitches upwards to a vertical position, and hovers near him, a couple hundred feet in the air. From its belly, a package comes tumbling downward, connected by a thin line to the vehicle itself. Right before the delivery hits the ground, it slows, hitting the earth with a tap. The delivery slows, almost imperceptibly, just before it hits the ground, hardly kicking up any dust. A small rectangular module on the end of the line detaches the payload, and ascends back up the vehicle, locking into place beneath the nose. As the wing returns to flying posture and zips back to its launch point half a mile away, Parfitt walks over to the package, opens it up, and extracts some treats for his dogs.



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