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Wed, Aug 13th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Eric Adler explains the Brooklyn Law School BLIP clinic, which unlike a traditional school, operates like a law firm. Students work for free, but get much needed experience in the field. In this particular case, Adler explains how one of the students tackled a patent troll.

Students sign up clients and perform basic legal work like forming companies, reviewing contracts and filing trademarks. Defending a patent lawsuit is not basic legal work. Its risky, complex and involves hundreds of hours of legal research and writing.

BLIP was fortunate to have an exceptional student running the defense team. Maegan Fuller, a 3rd year student, organized the defense, wrote the briefs, and negotiated with the troll. BLIP also had Jorge Torres, a former litigator at Skadden and Fish & Richardson, providing informal guidance on high-level litigation strategy.



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