German Man Fighting for the Right to Have a Relationship With His Dog


Tue, Aug 12th, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Oliver Burdinski, who is "fighting for the right to have a relationship with his dog," wants to remove the stigma of openly talking about literally loving your pet. Burdinski is not calling it bestiality, the term apparently being zoophilia.

As for what goes on in the bedroom, Burdinski does have sex with Joey, but the lovemaking does not involve penetration, as Burdinski doesn’t want to harm the dog. “I would never force him,” he said. He tries to be the passive member of the sexual relationship and simply react to whatever Joey wants. Burdinski pointed out that dogs can clearly show what they like and don’t like, whether they’re hungry or whether they like being touched. They can also indicate whether they do or do not want to have sex. Mounting is a sign not only of dominance but also of desire, though Burdinski told me his dog is “not really interested in sex anymore.” Joey is 11 years old, well past any canine’s sexual prime.

Pet owners often neuter their dogs, a process to which the animal, of course, does not consent. “People can’t accept that their dogs are adult animals with adult wishes and desires,” Burdinski said. “They can’t accept that a dog is not a soft toy.”



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