Viv: Better Than Siri


Tue, Aug 12th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Wired looks at artificial intelligence assistant Viv, a creation of Viv Labs, which does not falter like Siri or Ok Google. Reportedly, this new AI will be able to teach itself, "giving it almost limitless capabilities." Interestingly, the idea is to provide artificial intelligence as a service on-demand, much like electricity, to power apps and digest through data.

For the past two years, the team has been working on Viv Labs’ product—also named Viv, after the Latin root meaning live. Their project has been draped in secrecy, but the few outsiders who have gotten a look speak about it in rapturous terms. “The vision is very significant,” says Oren Etzioni, a renowned AI expert who heads the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. “If this team is successful, we are looking at the future of intelligent agents and a multibillion-dollar industry.”

Viv is not the only company competing for a share of those billions. The field of artificial intelligence has become the scene of a frantic corporate arms race, with Internet giants snapping up AI startups and talent. Google recently paid a reported $500 million for the UK deep-learning company DeepMind and has lured AI legends Geoffrey Hinton and Ray Kurzweil to its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Facebook has its own deep-learning group, led by prize hire Yann LeCun from New York University. Their goal is to build a new generation of AI that can process massive troves of data to predict and fulfill our desires.



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