Johnny Dronehunter, Defender of Privacy

Commercial for the Salvo 12, a shotgun suppressor from Utah-based SilencerCo


Wed, Jul 30th, 2014 21:39 by capnasty NEWS

Motherboard brings to attention this commercial for the Salvo 12, "a new shotgun suppressor line from Utah-based SilencerCo," which plays on the fears Americans have on the "implications of widespread aerial surveillance from public and private drone operators."

"We wanted to use this video to energize the ongoing discourse about privacy in a creative way," he said. "We created Johnny Dronehunter and intend to continue a series of videos in this vein with him as the main character to represent the Americans who feel they don't have an appropriate voice in this privacy debate."

Fair enough. But surely there are far more citizens living in populated areas, not the desert, who are wringing their hands over the thought of being watched by small-fry drones, right? Besides our guy with the rifle and the aviator shades, it's not like the small swarm of (what appear to be DJI Phantom) drones in the trailer are spying on anything other than scrub brush, lizards, and snakes. What gives?

Waldron said that while they do plan for future Johnny Dronehunter videos to be set in both urban and suburban settings, SilencerCo must make sure it adheres to "the appropriate local ordinances when filming." Given the production timeline and locations the company was working with, the sparse desert milieu just made sense, logistically. Also, it's way easier to blow up shit in the desert, compared to, say, Brooklyn.



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