Matthew Crack, Toronto's Mayoral Candidate


Tue, Jul 29th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Toronto has become world famous thanks to its crack-smoking Mayor. With the mayoral elections coming soon, 24-year-old web designer Matthew Crack is hoping to take advantage of his name and propose his Open-Source Democracy.

What is Open-Source Democracy?

The short answer is it gives the ability for Torontonians to vote online for specific municipal issues. It’d be basically like an official poll for the city and city issues. We’re changing the one-on-one style of communications, with phone calls and emails between citizens and city councillors, to more of an open-forum style, where it’s available for all Torontonians, and all councillors and the mayor, to see and to comment on.

There’s a general distaste for politics amongst most people these days. So we’re trying to reach out in different ways and get people engaged in ways more in line with how society has trended. If you look at fashion trends, they change every decade because people get bored of them and want to see something new. Politics has been pretty stagnant.



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