Sense: Track Your Sleep


Thu, Jul 24th, 2014 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Simply called Sense, this little spherical device keeps track of your sleep behaviour, the environment you sleep in and when best to wake you up. The device is currently seeking financial support on Kickstarter. Here is how the device tries to wake you up more gracefully:

We all have a natural sleep cycle, but a normal alarm will wake you up regardless of when's best for you. Sense's Smart Alarm knows the right time to wake you up, so you will feel alert and refreshed.

Here's how that works. Your Sleep Pill tells Sense when you begin to naturally stir, a signal that you're ready to wake up. If you've set your alarm for close to that time, the Smart Alarm will go off, waking you up at the perfect time for your sleep rhythm.

If you want to be up by 9:30, but you're already half awake at 9:15, then your alarm should go off then, not wait for you to fall deeper into sleep and force you awake later feeling terrible.

Hidden at the top of Sense is a powerful speaker that Sense uses to play the alarm sounds that'll wake you up.



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