Go Bag: Everything You Need to Survive After a Natural Disaster


Wed, Jul 16th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Go Bag, a bag with everything you could possibly need to keep yourself alive in the aftermath of a natural disaster, is currently seeking financial support on Kickstarter. At half of what it would cost you to put the bag together yourself, the Go Bag includes tools, first-aid, hygiene products, blankets, food, water purification tablets and most importantly, an instruction manual on putting it all to use. Remember: don't panic.

In the aftermath of a natural disaster it takes about 72 hours for rescue services to arrive. Our Go Bag will keep you safe and comfortable until the cavalry arrives, and will allow you to deal with any emergencies in the interim.

Starting in mid-2012, we've had over one hundred meetings with doctors, first responders, emergency medicine specialists, and members of the special forces community to refine the design of our Go Bag. The bag and gear that's come out of that process is a carefully pared-down set of equipment--everything you want, with no dead weight.



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