"On the black market, a full identity profile contained in a single record can bring as much as $500."


Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

David Pittman of Politico reports that health care records are an attractive bait for cybercriminals and that it is 'only a matter of time' before they succeed in stealing them.

“What I think it’s going to lead to, if it hasn’t already, is an arms race between the criminal element and the people trying to protect health data,” said Robert Wah, president of the American Medical Association and chief medical officer at the health technology firm CSC. “I think the health data stewards are probably a little behind in the race. The criminal elements are incredibly sophisticated.”

The infamous Target breach occurred last year when hackers stole login information through the retailer’s heating and air system. Although experts aren’t sure what a major health care hack would look like, previous data breaches have resulted in identity and financial theft, and health care fraud.

While a stolen credit card or Social Security number fetches $1 or less on the black market, a person’s medical information can yield hundreds of times more, according to the World Privacy Forum.



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