''It costs Southwest about $1.2 million per year in added fuel when every passenger carries a cellphone.''


Mon, Jun 30th, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

On FiveThirtyEight, Like Jensen and Brian Yutko look at how much it costs for an airline to fly you and all your luggage. While a cellphone may not seem like a possible culprit in fuel consumption considering the size and weight of the object, add a mobile to every passenger multiplied by every flight and you're looking at staggering costs that range in the millions.

It costs Southwest about $1.2 million per year in added fuel when every passenger carries a cellphone, with larger costs of $7 million if every passenger brings a tablet computer, and $21.6 million if everyone totes a laptop. Using Southwest’s network as a proxy for similar-sized airlines carrying embedded in-flight entertainment systems, we found that fuel costs to carry these systems are approximately $39.7 million per year. When compared with installing embedded systems in the seats, simply handing everyone an iPad when they stepped onboard could save about $32.7 million per year in fuel costs.

[...] If airlines were extremely aggressive about weight savings, they could provide incentives for passengers to go to the restroom before getting on a flight; doing so could save Southwest about $2.1 million per year. Less aggressive ways to save on fluid weight can come in the form of $2.4 million per year in savings by ditching the small water bottles provided to passengers during a flight. Budget airlines, like Spirit, have realized this expenditure and now only provide water for a fee.



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