Police Can't Find Assassin Because Victim Had No Internet


Fri, May 9th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to the Washington Post, police are stumped in figuring out who may have killed 65-year-old writer Philip Welsh, because the victim had no internet access nor a mobile phone. Reportedly, police use social media, emails and cellphone logs in order to obtain a "digital footprints" that can be used to find out "unknown quarrels" and "final movements" of the victim.

“Those records usually help,” said Capt. Marcus Jones, commander of Montgomery County’s major-crimes division. “We don’t have any of that.”

For Philip’s family and friends, the case brings a terrible possibility: Could everything that made the lifelong bachelor so unique, so stubborn, so confounding, so wonderful — a life rooted in rejection of instant communication — be allowing his killer to get away with it?

“It was not that it was the easy thing to do, as much as he insisted on it. It was part of his stance,” says Philip’s sister Monica, an artist in New Mexico. “I have pondered so many things about Philip, and the thing that recurs is the sense that he had so many aspects. There was never one reason or explanation for anything.”



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