Eco-Friendly Burials Grow in Popularity


Mon, Apr 28th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Will Yankowicz of Inc. reports on the growing business in eco-friendly burials. These services allow people to dispose of their remains ecologically, rather than with "expensive caskets and earth-polluting chemicals."

A lot of the things people typically buy to lay their loved ones to rest can pollute the earth and downplay the element of death. Embalming fluid prevents the natural decomposition of a cadaver and is toxic to the environment. Burials often feature big metal caskets that look more like a Cadillac than a coffin, and AstroTurf around the grave that prevents mourners from seeing dirt.

Going back to more traditional rituals from before the U.S. started using embalming fluid in the Civil War, a green burial does not use toxic chemicals. The dead are placed in biodegradable pine boxes or shrouds, and buried in holes dug by shovels without a cement vault.



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