"The simple pleasure of unapologetically eating alone."



Sat, Apr 26th, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the idea that "dining with others takes away from the culinary experience," Amsterdam-based restaurant Eenmaal offers a spartan, wifi-free environment designed entirely with tables for one, shattering the stigma of going to a restaurant by oneself.

“The taste of persons eating alone seems different, and even more intense, according to our guests,” says Marina van Goor, owner of the temporary eatery, which is called Eenmaal. As such, the chef takes care to serve four-course meals (at a moderate €35, or roughly $48, including drink) prepared from quality local and organic ingredients. Even the interior is left intentionally raw and no-frills, to emphasize the simple pleasure of unapologetically eating alone.

Don’t expect to fill the void with social media—Eenmaal doesn’t offer Wi-Fi. “I wanted to show that a moment of disconnection, by eating out alone, sitting alone, can be attractive, especially in our hyperconnected society,” van Goor says. Instead, diners are encouraged to read physical magazines and books.

Van Goor, a designer at the Amsterdam creative agency MVG, hopes media attention drawn to her antisocial restaurant will help birth a bigger brand.



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