Using Drones to Create Graffiti


Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Motherboard looks at KATSU, notoriously famous artist and vandal, who is planning to expand the range of graffiti using drones. With a quadcopter armed with a spray can, the device would allow him to reach "canvases or walls hundreds of feet high."

Just as autonomous drone technology in the military sphere will challenge structures of accountability and responsibility, KATSU’s graffiti drone, which he hopes will soon be capable of autonomously creating its own artworks, challenges our notions of authorship, creativity and power: Who's the artist, the human or the machine? Likewise, just as the drone has expanded the physical and surveillant reach of militaries and governments, what will it mean in the hands of the citizen and the artist? In the cities where artists constantly seek to place their artwork in the most unreachable places, the drone could become a powerful tool of art and vandalism.

Metropolitan police departments everywhere may have another reason to be anxious about Katsu's graffiti drone: he says he intends to develop the machine as an open source technology so that artists everywhere can make their own. They'll use it on canvas, as KATSU has. But they'll likely find many other uses too: this weekend Katsu hopes to test the drone, unannounced, on other surfaces around Silicon Valley.



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