Exploring New York's Off-Limits Areas


Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Animal New York has released this mini-documentary titled Exploring Off-Limits New York, which follows 2e's night adventures as he bikes from abandoned building to abandoned building, taking some remarkable photography. Above, an image from 2e's Instagram account, titled Reminiscing the Queens dream. You'll recognize a few photos from the video.

For five years or so, the twenty-something-year old studied this hidden New York. He knows the history and the anatomy of every spot. Stepping into the Greenpoint Terminal warehouse, he talks about the rope, jute and hemp moved through it until the big fire gutted everything. He steps over that one loose step in a dust-covered staircase. He weaves, climbs, burrows in smooth, practised motions.

Half an hour later, he’s at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge. The East River reeks of floating shit, but above, the clamoring traffic shines through the grates. From the crashing bank of the river, there’s a kind of view you will never buy with your Dumbo condo. The Manhattan skyline is laid bare. 2e is quiet and calm now, for a minute or two. “Yo, if shit goes down, we fucking run.” 2e scampers over a broken bricks, towards the Domino Sugar Factory. This all will be demolished soon, he says, even the building with the “Domino” sign. It’s one of his favorite spots to photograph.



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