Dart: World's Smallest Laptop Adapter


Wed, Apr 16th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

On Kickstarter, the world's smallest power adapter is currently seeking your financial support. Or not, since they at the time of writing, they were already some $75k over the desired amount. The gizmo, called Dart, does everything your laptop's power supply needs to do, except that it's small and really portable. It can also charge your USB devices.

The Dart is the world’s smallest, lightest laptop adapter. At a powerful 65W it is a perfect complement to today’s thin, lightweight, portable laptops. It fits in a pocket and is designed with a USB port and single outlet profile to make it easy for you to stay charged up when you're on the road. We hope you are as excited about the Dart as we are and looking forward to finally carrying just one, tiny Dart to charge all your electronics. Join our campaign and never be stuck powerless again!



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