Williams Syndrome: the Opposite of Autism


Mon, Apr 14th, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

On the BBC, Health reporter Pippa Stephens looks at Chris Steel, a man born with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes him to be "empathetic, social, friendly and endearing." Unfortunately, while wonderful sounding, sufferers "tend to have a low IQ, making tasks such as counting money difficult."

"Chris can talk to anyone and doesn't need a response," his mother Judy says.

Judy says he is also "great to take to parties" as he happily introduces himself to new people.

But there is a flip side of this social ease. Judy says Chris is "too trusting", and has been taken advantage of.

She said he also needs people around him to be happy and guide him in what opinions he should have.

People with WS may make prolonged eye-contact, and be over-engaging, which can put them in danger.



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