Pornostagram: the Rated-X Instagram


Sat, Apr 12th, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you thought Instagram was too clean, there's an alternative for those that want to see more than closeups of feet or Starbucks cups: Pornostagram (NSFW). The service does exactly what Instagram offers, complete with filters, but allows people to post however much about themselves they want to show off.

Although Lechemia says Pornostagram is the only app on the market that allows users to apply Instagram-like filters to their content, it’s actually one of many apps that have attempted to capitalize on the burgeoning phenomenon of social porn, which has been heralded as the future of the adult industry. While there are a multitude of NSFW social spinoffs on the market, such as the Facebook-inspired Fuckbook and the Pinterest-inspired Pinsex and Snatchly.

Yet few have managed to find a significant audience (though it should be mentioned Pornostagram has seen impressive usership), in part due to the obvious social stigma attached to sharing one’s pornographic tastes in a social media setting, and in part due to the tech community’s resistance to platforms like Pornostagram, which welcome sexually explicit user-generated content.

“All of the dynamics that make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so successful are dynamics that actually can be leveraged in the whole area of self-expression and self-identification through sexuality,” says Cindy Gallop, who runs the website Make Love Not Porn (SFW) and has been instrumental in the efforts to “make real-world sex socially acceptable and socially shareable.”



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