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Thu, Apr 10th, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

TechCrunch reports that Condoleezza Rice, who you might remember as playing a "controversial role in the Bush administration," has joined Dropbox's board. While Dropbox needs someone with her international talent and experience in order to "help it at once deal with foreign governments that have blocked its use," it didn't take long for calls to boycott Dropbox to show up.

This is deeply disturbing, and anyone — or any business — who values ethics should be concerned.

Why is this? Because she was a part of the Bush administration? Because she is a Republican and we should hate Republicans? I mean, come on, isn't Al Gore on Apple's Board? He's no saint!

No. This is not an issue of partisanship. It makes sense that Dropbox would want an accomplished, high-level, well-connected individual on their Board of Directors as they prepare for their IPO. There is no doubt that Condoleezza Rice is an extremely brilliant and accomplished individual, having obtained her Masters degree at only age 20 (and a number of other impressive accomplishments).

Choosing Condoleezza Rice for Dropbox's Board is problematic on a number of deeper levels, and invites serious concerns about Drew Houston and the senior leadership at Dropbox's commitment to freedom, openness, and ethics. When a company quite literally has access to all of your data, ethics become more than a fun thought experiment.



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