The Shit You Know, the Shit You Know You Don't Know and the Shit You Don't Know You Don't Know


Thu, Mar 20th, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The very clever Steve Schwartz states that "no one knows what the f*** they're doing" and explains the three types of knowledge in which the information we carry is divided in: the shit you know, the shit you know you don't know and the (unimaginably large) shit you don't know you don't know. Well written, complete with a follow-up.

I had entered a competition called the Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest (GLEQ), which is a business plan competition for new business ideas and up-and-coming companies. My company had not won any awards at the competition that year. There were over 100 companies that entered, with nearly 500 total participants. Then during the awards ceremony they announced a brand new award that they were going to start giving out, the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award, which would go to one individual who they felt exhibited the qualities of a great entrepreneur outside of just being able to write a good business plan. And the winner of the inaugural award was me. I was startled, confused, and amazed. If they had said my name half a second earlier, the person in front of me would have had a mouthful of Coke in their hair.

How could I win such an award, being in a room with so many great entrepreneurs and so many exciting companies and business ideas? There were companies in the competition already making a million dollars in yearly revenue (eligibility for the competition required that your company be making less that $3 million annually). By comparison, I wasn’t even making enough to quit my day job yet. I had to fake a doctor’s appointment that day just to attend the awards ceremony. Don’t these other people know what they’re doing more than I?

The answer to that question is the title of this post. No one knows what the fuck they’re doing. Not me, not those guys making bank, not anyone.



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