Self-Sufficient Mobile Homes of the Millennial Generation


Fri, Mar 14th, 2014 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

UTNE brings to attention this video showcasing the Optimal Traveling Independent Space (OTIS), a "pod-shaped home with a reduced environmental footprint" designed by "members of a Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) course at Green Mountain College in Vermont," using nothing more than reclaimed materials.

OTIS can be towed easily by a 5-foot-by-8-foot trailer, giving the freedom to live a nomadic life to a generation that would rather reduce their carbon footprints than be tied down by mortgages. “The appeal of living a more nomadic lifestyle represents a new take on the American Dream, especially among students in this millennial generation,” Professor Lucas Brown, Director of the REED course, explained.



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