Gobble: "personalized meal selections through a subscription delivery service"


Sun, Feb 23rd, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Tech Crunch's Ryan Lawler showcases Gobble, "a subscription business designed to help families and groups have great, personalized meals delivered to their homes."

This is how it works: Customers sign up, tell Gobble how many people are in their household (including how many adults and kids), and selects dates and times that they’d like to have meals delivered. They can also specify initial meal preferences or dietary restrictions.

At the beginning of the week, those customers will receive a calendar with meal options for the week laid out for them. They can add or subtract days, or change their meal selection up to 24 hours before delivery.

But here comes the fun part: Customers can rate and provide feedback on meals, which allows Gobble to create a personalized profile for them based on a “taste algorithm.” Over time, the system is designed to offer up things that are more to your liking. Kind of like Pandora, for food.

The above image is from the Tech Crunch article.



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