FiLIP: Wrist-Wearable Phone to Track Your Kids


Fri, Feb 21st, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The idea behind the FiLIP is both brilliant and terrifying: it allows you to give your kids a sturdy cellphone they wear on their wrist, which can call up to five numbers. There's also an emergency button that, when activated, "triggers an automatic location beacon, ambient sound recording, and calls each of the five contacts until one is reached." And to get them used to what the NSA is doing, not only does it report on their location, but also when they "step-out" of pre-defined safety zones.

Every parent wants their kid to explore, discover and just be a kid. But imagine if we could stay in touch along the way. FiLIP is a world first device which has re-imagined smartphone voice and location technology for children. The colorful wristwatch is a patent-pending marriage of GPS, cell tower location and Wi-Fi triangulation, safely combined into one small device.



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