Grim Videos of Ukraine's Protests and How Western Governments Are Preparing the Military for the Eventual Civilian Unrest


Thu, Feb 20th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

While showcasing photos and videos of the unrest in Kiev, Ukraine, SHTF Plan's Mac Slavo warns that Western governments are training their military in "simulating the large-scale collapse of our economy and what the fall-out might look like on the streets of America." Reportedly, they've gone as far as building a massive city "at which to train military and police for the possibility of urban riots and martial law declarations." The Washington Post, meanwhile, explains the Ukrainian protests by looking at the country's demographics. Reuters has more recent facts. There is also this gallery of before-and-after photos.

Ukraine's ethno-lingistic political division is sort of like the United States' "red America" and "blue America" divide, but in many ways much deeper -- imagine if red and blue America literally spoke different languages. The current political conflict, which at its most basic level is over whether the country will lean toward Europe or toward Russia, is like the Ukrainian equivalent of gun control, abortion and same-sex marriage all rolled into one.

Based on the protests in Kiev, it can sure look like Ukrainians want their country to integrate with the European Union and turn away from Russia. But a November poll found slightly different attitudes: 45 percent said they wanted the EU deal, 14 percent said they wanted to join with the Russian-led trade union, and 41 percent said they were undecided or wanted neither. In other words, joining the EU is about as popular as not joining the EU, both of which are more popular than snuggling up to Moscow.



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