Study: Kids Can Use Tablets Before They Can Tie Their Own Shoes


Mon, Feb 10th, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

570 News reports on a study conducted by Czech company AVG Technologies, which discovered that Canadian children know how to use a tablet long before they can even tie their own shoes.

Just eight per cent of the parents said they reserved an email address with their child’s name, while six per cent of the Canadian moms did so. Sixteen per cent of Brazilian moms had staked out email addresses for their kids.

Just two per cent of the Canadian moms said they had signed up for social media accounts in their young kids’ names, while it was six per cent globally. Brazilians, again, were the most eager to set up an early online presence for their children, with 12 per cent of the moms surveyed admitting they had started social networking on their kids’ behalf.

As for what the younger three- to five-year-old kids were doing themselves, 78 per cent of the Canadian tots could already use a computer mouse, 76 per cent could play a basic computer game, 54 per cent knew how to turn a computer on and off, 40 per cent could navigate a tablet or smartphone, 19 per cent could competently browse the web, and 16 per cent could make a phone call.



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