Beautiful, Hand-Made Electric Bicycles With Clear Vintage Inspiration



Sun, Feb 9th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Looking more like motorcycles from the 20s and 30s, Barcelona-based OtoCycles has a growing selection of vintage-looking electric bicycles that are both beautiful as well as put together with quality parts. The translation below is from Google.

Located in Barcelona Oto cycles born from the passion for classic and retro design. Inspired by the classic and new technologies linked to electric bicycles bikes cycles born Oto.

Oto cycles consists of a team of engineers and designers determined to build a line of elegant, exclusive bikes provide great performance and comfort while running through the streets.

Being made by hand will not find two identical cycles Oto and joined the extensive customization of colors, tires, saddles, motor, battery and other components will ensure the exclusivity of its cycles Oto.

Oto Cycles are registered as vehicle manufacturer and complies with all current regulations for electric bicycles. All bikes have undergone comprehensive checks and are certified by Applus.

Helping us take care of every detail of the new design and CAD technologies. We only use the best components.

Bikes designed for day to day with a touch of exclusivity and design, leaving aside the fun.



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