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Hipster Ipsum


Fri, Aug 12th, 2011 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you are in need for some artisanal filler text for your site or project, Hipster Ipsum will generate Hipster-flavoured dummy-text to fill in the blanks. Comes both in Hipster, Neat and Hipster w/a shot of Latin. Here's some examples:

Hipster Neat

Vinyl letterpress tofu, you probably haven't heard of them chambray quinoa Brooklyn retro bicycle rights sartorial. Wes Anderson Pitchfork fuck, letterpress gluten-free Helvetica vinyl dreamcatcher. Freegan cred sartorial single-origin coffee before they sold out, Etsy vegan brunch keffiyeh Marfa blog. Hoodie Terry Richardson yr chambray, Marfa farm-to-table twee messenger bag Pitchfork Etsy. Etsy butcher skateboard gentrify trust fund, fanny pack keytar ethical. Viral Carles locavore photo booth, iPhone PBR aesthetic before they sold out blog +1 retro master cleanse cred next level shit. Wes Anderson sustainable fixie, letterpress quinoa keytar Stumptown American Apparel cardigan seitan mixtape lomo squid retro.

Hipster w/a shot of Latin

Fuck single-origin coffee commodo sint, Williamsburg voluptate fap High Life craft beer accusamus excepteur. Synth incididunt iPhone homo locavore. Vice Readymade ethical, Carles trust fund officia put a bird on it irony mustache letterpress nostrud Austin viral. DIY wayfarers anim nulla. Fixie gluten-free trust fund, vinyl PBR eiusmod nisi cardigan labore craft beer qui. Nulla sint consequat, beard locavore id wayfarers pariatur sustainable qui ad mustache. Eu leggings sartorial, gluten-free labore nihil vegan butcher in.



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